Furies - a web site testing tool

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What is it?

A web site testing tool that uses HttpClient to download web site resource. Each web site resource can be then tested against one of the pre-packaged tests from Furies or you can easily write your own. Configuration can be performed programmatically for being embedded into other applications or can be configured via an XML file which is parsed via Digester.


I have UNIX and you are giving me zip files!

Don't worry. Use jar xf myfile.zip to unzip the file.

Running from command line

Integrate with ant


Why the name Furies?

See http://www.bartleby.com/65/fu/Furies.html or http://www.thanasis.com/modern/furies.htm.

I plan to run this program nightly on a web site I help manage which is highly dynamic with respect to data and programming. When and if Furies has finds a problem, no mercy will be shown to the programmer who messed the page up. (or the data maintenance person)

I also needed a name.
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